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Enco: EnCaption5 - A powerful new API (Booth 220)

Dec 07, 2022
Expo Demo Agenda

ENCO has been pioneering AI-generated automated on-premises captions for many years, for worldwide broadcast television networks to small municipal broadcasters, and even radio broadcasters. Classified users such as government, defence and finance & banking use it too, as do live events for captioning their on-stage activities. 

Captions are not just for video anymore - AI-generated transcripts also yield highly accurate live transcripts of meetings, sessions, proceedings and interviews, all again without needing an Internet connection.

ENCO's latest entrant into this field is enCaption5, featuring a powerful new API which enables almost any maker of audio visual, broadcast or media management systems to access ENCO's powerful captioning speech engine for their own applications, seamlessly.

Visitors will learn more about Automated Speech Recognition (ASR), and how it applies to captioning of video & audio content, as well as learn of the U.S. regulatory captioning environment and its predicted future.

They'll also learn of some new benefits from ASR, such as highly searchable transcripts, text-based search & navigation of video and audio assets, transcripts of meetings & events, or important audio communications, translation for a Global marketplace, and more.

A lively Q&A component is encouraged, where visitors can explore more about the power of automated AI-based captions.

Bill Bennett - ENCO Systems, Inc.
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