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Groq: Traditional HPC vs converged HPC (Booth 119)

Dec 08, 2022
Expo Demo Agenda

Performance and complexity comparison between purely mathematical algorithmic calculations compared to AI/ML model-based calculations, using JAX-CFD, a CFD solver written in JAX. The program solves incompressible flows on structured grids with explicit time integration.

We also show the complexity of creating a DNS-based algorithm vs an ML-based one, and the ease of model conversion to The Groq Chip - often with a single line of code!

We will demonstrate CPU, GPU (A100), and Groq TSP comparisons for Performance and accuracy of each demo with live visual output.  

  • Chip with massive performance and acceleration compared to GPUs
  • Groq's unique and extremely rapid and simple programming environment is demonstrated live.
  • See how AI in HPC is a viable and better replacement for some compute-intensive applications.
  • Demonstrate how versatile a chip can be from pure algorithmic HPC to converge HPC with ML. 
Amr El-Ashmawi, VP Vertical Markets - Groq
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