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Use Case: What Implementing Our Own AI frameworks, Including Our Own Transcriptions, Has Meant for Business

Dec 08, 2022
Finance Stage

For many companies, the move to digital interactions has produced a wealth of data that can be used to deliver additional value to the business and its customers. Live Chat, Chatbot, notes, and other unstructured documents can provide rich insights, but only if those insights can be extracted. While advancements in capabilities and the increased availability of Natural Language Processing (NLP) have provided benefits generally, they can fall short without the right domain knowledge and context to understand the nuances in the language. In this talk, a leading financial institution will walk us through their learnings and successes of implementing their own AI framework for transcriptions and unstructured data insights.

Jithin Pradeep, Head of AI Research, VAiR - Vanguard
David Monnerat, Senior Data Science Product Owner, Enterprise AI - Vanguard
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