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Fireside Chat: Building Diverse Teams and a Collaborative Culture to Advance AI at ServiceNow

Dec 08, 2022
Women In AI Flagship Summit

Join Dorit Zilbershot and Valérie Bécaert in this fireside chat as they discuss what it takes to build and support diverse science, engineering, and product teams at ServiceNow; from recruiting women, to mentorship, visibility, and allyship. Dorit and Valérie will share experiences about challenges they faced in bridging scientific research and product innovation, crossing the so-called "valley of death", and how they worked to create strategic alignment through engagement, empathy, and acceptance. They will touch on some of the hottest topics in AI today, including large language models, ethics, trust, and governance.

Bhuva Shakti, Chief Ethics & Culture Officer and Reginal Head of Women in AI Americas - Women in AI
Dorit Zilbershot, Head of AI Product Management Group - ServiceNow
Valérie Bécaert, Sr Director of Research - ServiceNow Research
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