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Bringing Generative AI to the Enterprise

Dec 08, 2022
AI at Scale Stage

Large language and generative AI models have revolutionary potential for enterprise. They are enabling new value creation across industries from healthcare and life sciences, marketing and advertising, entertainment and social, and beyond. However, the AI models operating behind the scenes are massive, complex, and costly to train on traditional computer systems and cloud. 


The Cerebras CS-2 accelerator and Cerebras Wafer-Scale Cluster are the most powerful AI systems on Earth and are built from the ground up for AI work at this scale. In this talk, Dr. Andy Hock, VP and Head of Product, will describe how Cerebras enables you to "own your own destiny" in this space. Now you can easily build world-class models tuned for your business with your data, all in days or weeks rather than months, with a simple, standards-based programming interface and revolutionary near-linear performance scaling over many machines.

Andy Hock, VP and Head of Product - Cerebras Systems
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