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SquareML: “Healthcare Analytics in a Box" - Population Health and Rising Risk Management (Booth 206)

Dec 08, 2022
Expo Demo Agenda

The demo will showcase SquareML's three tier architecture, various applications in the layers and how these applications tie the healthcare data together and drive all the way unto the healthcare value chain in the healthcare ecosystem.

The demo will also include various healthcare solutions for managing population health and rising risk using SquareML a “No-Code” ML platform.

The pandemic has highlighted the fact that healthcare system needs an intelligent tool to manage the population health.

The goal of the demo is the showcase how SquareML can help assess the risks and needs of populations, analyze data for the improvement of the care provided.
Identifying correlations between SDOH and population health disparities can help providers, payers and other healthcare service providers tailor diagnosis to the populations they serve. The insights from SquareML can support them predict potential key areas and target public health resources and care provided.

User Experience will involve showcasing a sneak-peak of the solutions we have built like “Patient Health Risk Stratification”, “Patient 360 Portal”, “Insights Manager” etc. Attendees will be able to witness a near-to real-time demo of the solutions.

Users will be able to see a live demo of the application and various solutions.

Balaji Modhagala, CEO - SquareML
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