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Verint: Building intelligent virtual assistants using Verint's IVA Studio. (Booth 202)

Dec 07, 2022
Expo Demo Agenda

Verint has enabled Conversational AI through our low-code platform that enables users to quickly build IVAs using our tools to analyze and organize their data, build impactful IVA interactions, and manage bot behavior. In the 10 minutes, we will analyze unstructured data and build a basic functioning IVA and be able to test it.

1.    Take unstructured data and organize into structured buckets of intents
2.    Formulate an IVA model, combining our out of the box capabilities with custom intents
3.    Personalize and customize the customer's experience        

•    Identification of workflows that can benefit from the power of natural language processing
•    See how you can of harnessing existing interaction data to drive IVA development
•    Experience first hand Verint's new IVA Studio capabilities that drive our IVA deployments     

Paulo Barrett, VP, Conversational AI Services - Verint
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