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DAY 1 & 2


In partnership with the Innovation Academy, this year’s new AI Academy Track will feature a 2-day training programme of high-impact short courses, designed specifically for the enterprise developer, data scientist, and software engineer community.


Creating and Adopting AI-Centric Business Models

Scaling POCs Across The Business

Responsible and Ethical AI

Choosing and Using Frameworks, Platforms and Languages for AI Development

Building, Deploying, and Integrating AI Applications Across the Business

AI Governance and Data Regulation

Operationalising AI and ML Across The Business

ML Enhanced Compute Vision and NLP

Inclusion and Diversity

Leveraging AutoML and Product Suites

Intelligent RPA

Voice and Speech Analytics

Leveraging AutoML and Product Suites

Training ML Models and Value-Centric Deployment

AI Product Management

Management of Data Science Programs and Delivery of Projects

Enhanced Analytics Roadmapping – AI Roadmapping

AI Driven Business Intelligent and Analysis

Back Office Automation

Vendor Assessment – Procurement and Investment Considerations

Intelligent Recruitment and Team Development

AI and Security

Open Source AI and Democratization


The AI Summit New York’s central keynotes stage brings together the brightest minds from pioneering enterprises and AI innovators sharing their game-changing ideas, sharing exclusive insights that will inform your AI strategy. You’ll get a front row seat to inspirational CxOs from the industry’s true heavyweights, taking you along how they deliver their AI roadmap.

Job Titles In Attendance

The Deliver program brings together the heavyweights of industry – the top-table decision makers.

Board Room
Executive Director
Managing Director

Highlight presentations and case-studies:

Lori Beer, Global Chief Information Officer, JPMorgan Chase

Atish Banerjea, Global CIO, Facebook

Keoki Jackson, CTO, Lockheed Martin

Kevin Stanton, Chief Services Officer, Mastercard

Ken Washington, CTO, Ford

Nicole Eagan, CEO, Darktrace

What You’ll Find at The Deliver Stage

The foremost business and technology minds in the space on-stage, sharing their long-term vision for AI and the thought processes required to deliver AI. Real top-table insight that you won’t find anywhere else.

Thousands of business leaders from enterprises all in attendance to learn, network, and partner with leading vendors in the space too deliver their own vision for AI. This is your opportunity to join them.

Unrivalled access to the true pioneers in the space and opportunity to be the first-to-hear about their successes, failures, new projects, new products and more.

Breakfast Briefing

Creating A Data Literate, AI Ready Business from The Top Down

Investment Strategies – Identifying Emerging Low-Risk / High Return Use Cases in Automation and AI

Retail VIP Networking

AI Industry Leaders Awards Reception + Drinks (Finance, Retail, Healthcare)



Our implement stage is designed for senior practitioners and line of business leads to learn and engage with the world-leading minds in the space, cut away the noise, and really get to grips with what it takes to deliver AI projects.

Whether through detailed exploration of AI-centric operating models, agile and effective ways of scaling proof of concepts, vendor selection processes or technology integration methodologies – this is where you will find it.

Job Titles In Attendance

The Implement program is designed for the senior practitioners, line of business leads and product leads who drive AI projects forward.

SVPs, Directors, Heads of, Leads – from Operations, Finance, Marketing, Customer Service, HR, Product Management, IT, Security, Innovation, Business Intelligence, etc. / and many more

SVPs, Directors, Heads of, Leads – from Data Science, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, AI, Product, Engineering, Analytics, NLP, RPA, / and many more

Highlight presentations and case-studies:

Luyuan Fang, Head of AI Lab – VP Technology, Expedia Group

Andy Peart, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, Artificial Solutions

Thomas Stubbs, Vice President of Engineering and Innovation, Coca Cola Company

Sid Raisoni, Head of Decision Science, Nestle Waters

Dan Darnell, Senior Director of MLOps Products, DataRobot

James Brusseau, Director – Data Ethics Site, Pace University

What You’ll Find at The Implement Stage

Stories of internal and external disruption, and the journeys that businesses like yours have gone on to ensure their projects are delivered on-time, to budget, and with the ROI required to gain buy-in for future AI investment.

The content and practitioners to build out your big-picture ideas and furnish them with real, concrete takeaways that you can take back to your business and start working on right away.

Content exploring the compelling reasons and different approaches required to deliver different types of technologies (RPA, NLP, ML, DL, CV, etc) into your business, and proven use cases and lines of business to implement them in.

Intelligent RPA Workshop – Platform + Use Case Discovery for Snr. Practitoners & Product Leads

AI Opportunity Audit – 30 Minute AI Roadmapping Session w/ Leading Solution Provider

AI Solution and Service Monetisation – Opportunity Mapping for Vendor Market (hosted by Tractica)

Customer Insight Masterclass – Growing and Leveraging Predictive Analytic Capabilities Across Your Enterprise

Securing Your Enterprise – Leveraging ML for Threat Detection and Multi-Layer Security – Strategy Workshop + Demos



Our Develop Stage is designed for the engineer and developer community to experience and engage first-hand with the latest methods, tools, frameworks required to build AI, ML and DL solutions.

Through a mixture of deep-dive presentations, hands on workshops, and small-room sessions, our Develop community will leave the event not only armed with the knowledge required to leverage the latest technologies, but crucially, a clear understanding of how to deploy solutions into their business, ensuring maximum ROI is received for their organisation.

Job Titles In Attendance

The Develop program is designed for the technical talent and builders of AI to experience first-hand the methods, frameworks, and opportunities associated with the latest tools and products on the market.

Software Engineers
Machine Learning engineers
Data Scientists
AI / Deep Learning Developers
NLP Engineers / analysts
Software Developers
Data Engineers
Computer Vision Engineers / Analysts / Developers
RPA Engineers / Analysts / Developers
Solutions Architects
System Engineers
And More

Highlight presentations and case-studies:

Mihail Sirotenko, Team Lead – Senior Applied Researcher, GoogleAI, Google

Jan Neuman, Senior Director – Applied AI Research, Comcast

Neeraj Bhatnagar, VP Data Systems, Fox Networks Group

Murali Nandigama, Director of Engineering, Barclays

Nisha Bhaskaran, Machine Learning Engineer, Paypal

Sriram Subramanian, Head of Data Sciences, Conde Nast

What You’ll Find at The Develop Stage

Engineers, scientists and developers from the most pioneering global organisations sharing their stories and methodologies from the coal-face of AI development. The real nuts and bolts of AI.

Detailed, deep-dive presentations that are framed by commercial success stories – this is the opportunity to build out your understanding of the technical skills required to deliver the commercial success framed by product and business leads.

Pioneers “opening the black-box” – an exploration of the languages, tools and techniques that underpin all machine learning / deep learning solutions, and how you can replicate this in your organisation.

Explainable and Ethical AI – 101 For AI Engineers and Developers

Building and Implementing Machine Learning Enabled Recommendation Systems

Operationalising Machine Learning in The Enterprise – Platform Specific Training for Data Scientists and Engineers

Open Source AI – Developer Drop in Centre and Lounge Sesssions


The AI Finance Summit

From risk optimization and data reunification to cybersecurity and talent recruitment, the Finance Summit will explore the most exciting AI use-cases from industry pioneers across the financial services sector.

Industry Insights Lounge Sessions

Best Practice and Key Tactics for Sourcing and Processing Internal/External Data

Hyperpersonalizing the Customer Experience with Conversational AI

Networking & Coffee: Automation and Security Leads

The AI Healthcare Summit

Find out why AI is at the forefront of cutting-edge innovation in health and pharma – learn about trailblazing applications in disease diagnosis, drug discovery, patient care and more from the vanguard of the healthcare community.

Industry Insights Lounge Sessions

Designing AI & Disruptive Technology Training Programmes for Healthcare Providers

Exploring Predictive Modelling Solutions for Drug Discovery

AI x Health Insurers Lunch & Learn

Networking and Coffee: Leaders in Pharma

The AI Retail Summit

Engage with top innovators across retail and learn how they are implementing AI every step of the way, covering everything from product inception to supply chain management, demand forecasting, and customer engagement.

Industry Insights Lounge Sessions

Demand Forecasting and Inventory Management with ML

Deploying Machine Vision and Analytics In-Store – Maximizing Product Visbility & Success

The AI Sales & Marketing Summit

Discover why AI is instrumental for sales and marketing success as cross-industry experts share their solutions – whether it’s leveraging customer data, supporting content generation, or enhancing sales strategy, there’s always room for better and faster.

Industry Insights Lounge Sessions

Know Your Customer: Identifying & Leveraging Sentiment/Relationship/Engagement Scores to Drive Marketing Strategy

Implementing Voice Analytics to Support Salesperson Success

The AI Training Academy

In partnership with the Innovation Academy, this year’s new AI Academy Track will feature a 2-day training programme of high-impact short courses, designed specifically for the enterprise developer, data scientist, and software engineer community.

By partnering with industry-leading trainers, we are offering our audience a programme designed to ensure they take new, hard-skills back to the office, in addition to providing the opportunity to test-drive the platforms and tools that are driving the Intelligent Enterprise.


Introduction to Machine Learning

Designed for data science and ML beginners, this course will walk you through machine learning concepts with SciKit-Learn, a full-featured machine learning toolkit for Python. With the package including hands-on practical guidance from an experienced trainer, a complementary online Python programming course, and a data science and machine learning book, you will leave the course fully equipped to put your new skills into practice.

You can only register for training sessions if you are an attendee of The AI Summit New York 2019



Introduction to Natural Language Processing

Join Dr Carlo Lipizzi, Professor at Stevens Institute of Technology, as he guides you through NLP tools while showing you their real-world applications, setting solid foundations for your pathway into the field. Learn and understand popular NLP workflows with interactive examples, understand how to clean and handle unstructured text data, and complete NLP tasks – including text classification, sentiment analysis, text clustering, summarization, topic models and recommendations.

You can only register for training sessions if you are an attendee of The AI Summit New York 2019



Introduction to Data Science in Python

This beginner-friendly course will familiarize you with the core Python data science tools including Jupyter, Numpy, Pandas Matplotlib, and Scipy – enabling you to start your journey into the world of data science. And if you’re looking to further focus your abilities in data science, this course can be complimented with Introduction to Machine Learning, which will continue in the afternoon.

You can only register for training sessions if you are an attendee of The AI Summit New York 2019


The attendees have been of a higher calibre than many other conferences I've been to!

VP & CTO - Americas, HCL

I think it just keeps getting better and better.

Director, Publicis.Sapient

The AI Summit has been just brilliant! There’s so much to learn and so much to see as well, and the networking as you can hear during lunchtime, that’s the heart and soul for me. It’s been a fantastic event for us to be involved in!

Chief Envisioning Officer, Microsoft

It's been a fantastic experience; I've run into people from pharma, from consumer applications, to defence agencies to cancer institutes.

Senior Director, Business Development for Deep Learning & AI , NVIDIA

The show is very exciting - it gets better and better every time.

Global Head, ignio Product Specialist Group, Digitate, a Tata Consultancy Services Venture

This event has been fabulous - we've seen enterprises across industry verticals: financial services, retail, manufacturing, so I think that is what has been awesome about the event.

SVP, Artificial Intelligence Solutions, RAGE Frameworks

I think it’s very exciting. It's heartening to see a lot of organisations here, and we are meeting a lot of end users, of IT and of our services.

Director of Marketing, HCL

The show is going great, there's a lot of interesting people here to talk to and it's been a lot of fun.

CEO & Co-founder, Luminoso

It's a great mix of people here, sharing the ideas and the experiences, what works and how to approach this in the right way is really critical, which is why this is an important forum.

CTO, Accenture

We call it artificial intelligence, but I believe this is based on real relationships, and that’s what I’ve seen today. The relationships that have been created and that will be cultivated and built over time thanks to The AI Summit are great – they’re phenomenal.

Head of Marketing, TCS

It’s been a great experience – from opera singers to kick the day off, through to speakers! Every single speaker that was up there I’ve learned a great deal from and I’m very excited to meet after the talk. The networking has also been outstanding – there are a lot of great people here that I wouldn’t have met otherwise.

Head of AI Practice, Publicis.Sapient

Superb: Awards ! Demos ! and Sessions! The AI Summit is Brilliant platform!

SVP, HCL Technologies