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Taylor Capito

Taylor Capito

CEO & Co-Founder , GenRAIT
United States

Taylor Capito is the CEO and Co-Founder of GenRAIT, a startup building the AI-enabled software platform empowering scientists to make the most of their genomic and bio-data and get their discoveries to market faster. Taylor hails from the cybersecurity and networking spaces where she continuously built tools to automate away her own job and scale her team, ultimately reporting to the CIO of Palo Alto Networks to harness the power of data and machine learning to give the sales team over one whole day back a week in productivity. 

Today, she and her team are taking those skills in big data, productivity, and automation and applying them to the biology field. Taylor's own health journey and challenges led her to want to understand the interactions between the genome and environment to improve health outcomes, and she believes harnessing the power of data and AI is the way we will achieve this. Biological data is growing exponentially and the next frontier will be discovered by those who harness it effectively.


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