How we deliver a higher ROI than any other AI event

The opportunity to deliver workshops to a targeted and specially curated subsection of our audience.

Verticalized tracks and programmes – opportunity to target the most forward-thinking, industry specific stakeholders.

Generate global media exposure through meeting the world’s’ leading press & media.

Expand your digital footprint through our online community of Work with our editorial team and benefit from over 60,000 monthly views

International Presence: We run 6 AI Summit Events internationally, and are owned by FTSE50 business, Informa Tech. No other AI event has our scale or reach.

By being totally ROI focussed: our events are commercially driven and are designed to bring decision-makers and influencers from across the enterprise.

Job Titles in Attendance

Deliver Team

Board level
Executive Director
Managing Director
Chief Cognitive Officer
SVP Transformation
SVP Data Analytics
SVP Innovation

Implement Team

Global Head of Logistics
Marketing Director
Customer Services Director
Global Innovation Lead
Director of Partnerships
Head of Engineering
Technical Director
Director of AI
Head of AI
Chief Scientist
Heads of business intelligence
Director of AI Products

Develop Team

Machine vision analyst
NP analyst
NLP developer
AI engineer
ML engineer
Software Developer
Enterprise Architect
Solution Architect
Solutions Engineer
Deep Learning Engineer
Data Security Engineer
Cyber Security Lead
Data Engineer

R&D/Innovation Team

Deep Learning Researchers
Technical Founders
Deep Learning Engineer
Computational Linguist
Algorithm Engineer

SVP / Head Of


Business Tech Lead


Industries Represented at The AI Summit New York

Financial Services



Start Up







The attendees have been of a higher calibre than many other conferences I've been to!

VP & CTO - Americas, HCL

I think it just keeps getting better and better.

Director, Publicis.Sapient

The AI Summit has been just brilliant! There’s so much to learn and so much to see as well, and the networking as you can hear during lunchtime, that’s the heart and soul for me. It’s been a fantastic event for us to be involved in!

Chief Envisioning Officer, Microsoft

It's been a fantastic experience; I've run into people from pharma, from consumer applications, to defence agencies to cancer institutes.

Senior Director, Business Development for Deep Learning & AI , NVIDIA

The show is very exciting - it gets better and better every time.

Global Head, ignio Product Specialist Group, Digitate, a Tata Consultancy Services Venture

This event has been fabulous - we've seen enterprises across industry verticals: financial services, retail, manufacturing, so I think that is what has been awesome about the event.

SVP, Artificial Intelligence Solutions, RAGE Frameworks

I think it’s very exciting. It's heartening to see a lot of organisations here, and we are meeting a lot of end users, of IT and of our services.

Director of Marketing, HCL

The show is going great, there's a lot of interesting people here to talk to and it's been a lot of fun.

CEO & Co-founder, Luminoso

It's a great mix of people here, sharing the ideas and the experiences, what works and how to approach this in the right way is really critical, which is why this is an important forum.

CTO, Accenture

We call it artificial intelligence, but I believe this is based on real relationships, and that’s what I’ve seen today. The relationships that have been created and that will be cultivated and built over time thanks to The AI Summit are great – they’re phenomenal.

Head of Marketing, TCS

It’s been a great experience – from opera singers to kick the day off, through to speakers! Every single speaker that was up there I’ve learned a great deal from and I’m very excited to meet after the talk. The networking has also been outstanding – there are a lot of great people here that I wouldn’t have met otherwise.

Head of AI Practice, Publicis.Sapient

Superb: Awards ! Demos ! and Sessions! The AI Summit is Brilliant platform!

SVP, HCL Technologies