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Revolutionizing Decisions: The Power of Human-IA Synergy

Dec 07, 2023
Headliners Stage
Headliners Stage

William J. Barry, PhD, is a distinguished professor and technology ethicist. Dr. Barry is globally recognized for establishing the world's first benchmark in integrating conversational IA into higher education. His innovative approach has significantly advanced human-machine teaming, extending its impact beyond academia to sectors such as business, healthcare, and national defense. This keynote explores how the consistent application of human intellect and intelligence augmentation is revolutionizing decision-making across these critical fields. 

Dr. Barry's session, enriched with cutting-edge research and practical insights, will unveil the untapped potential of human-IA collaboration, showcasing its transformative impact in real-world applications. Ideal for professionals at the forefront of IA innovation, the talk explores the ethical implications and transformative power of human-machine collaboration in shaping the future of diverse industries. 

Attendees will gain a unique perspective on how IA is redefining possibilities in an era of rapidly evolving technology, through the achievements of an educator and ethicist who has been a trailblazer in applying this technology in everyday learning and beyond.

Dr. William Barry, Professor of Emerging Technology Principal Strategist- AI/IA Program CSL (GovCon) - United States Department of Defense
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