The AI Summit New York

2023 Agenda


What AI use cases should we prioritize for 2024?

Dec 07, 2023
Room 1A10
AI at Scale Stage
  • Discuss successful and failed AI use cases of 2023
  • Where are our efforts best applied – from new product development to customer service and task automation?
  • What use cases bring immediate ROI – why is ‘immediate ROI’ now more important than ever?
Dr. Raul Villamarin Rodriguez, Vice President - Woxsen University'
Nick Orlando, Director of Product Marketing - Amelia.AI
Sanjay Jinturkar, Senior Director - Oracle
Sol Rashidi, Former CDAO of Estee Lauder, Merck, Sony and Royal Caribbean, Top 100 AI Leaders
Michael Driscoll, Advanced Analytics, AI and Data Science at AT&T Chief Security Office - AT&T
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