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2023 Agenda


Barista: Enabling Greater Flexibility in Machine Learning Model Deployment

Dec 06, 2023
Room 1A12
Practitioners Stage
  • Machine learning (ML) model deployment is one of the most common topics of discussion in the industry. That’s because deployment represents a meeting of two related but dramatically different domains, ML practice and software development.
  • The process of deploying ML models can frequently be slow and awkward, and the interfaces through which we turn models into deployed software are something we devote a lot of attention to, looking for ways to save time and reduce risk.
  • Barista, the ML Model Serving team’s flagship product, manages lifecycles for all types of models - from Recommendations and Vision to Ads and Search. The Barista interface has evolved dramatically alongside the significant evolution in the scope and range of our ML practice.
  • In this talk we’ll walk you through the story of where we started with this interface, where we ended up, and where we intend to keep going.
Kyle Gallatin, Senior Software Engineer,Machine Learning, - Etsy
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