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2023 Agenda


A deep dive into the issues of privacy surrounding the possibilities created by generative AI applications

Dec 07, 2023
Room 1A14
Next-Gen Applications Stage
  • Taking a closer look into the concerns around copyright infringement: Who should hold the intellectual property rights for the content and code created by Generative AI?
  • Discussing the issues surrounding AI hallucinations: Overestimation of AI capabilities, resulting in reception or dissemination of incorrect output
  • Exploring the creation of deepfakes and other synthetic content that could manipulate public opinion or pose risk to public safety.
  • Examining the risks posed from leaks of sensitive information and chat histories of individuals, organizations, and society.
  • Inspecting the urgent need for robust privacy and security measures in the development of generative AI technologies.
  • Looking into the Inherent bias from generative algorithms
Dina Blikshteyn, Partner - Haynes Boone
Rebekah Tweed, Executive Director - All Tech is Human
Chastity Johnson Santos, Vice President and Global Risk Officer / CEO & Founder - Citi / CyberSafe Policy
Abhiroop Basu, Group Product Manager - Square
Michelle Chen, Chief Of Staff, Emerging Technology and Incubation - Cloudflare
Samrah Kazmi, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) - Koxa Corp
Jayeeta Putatunda, Senior Data Scientist and Manager in Emerging Technology - Fitch Ratings
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