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2023 Agenda


Generative AI in Retail & Consumer Products Industry: insights from a real solution build

Dec 06, 2023
Room 1A10
AI at Scale Stage
  • In the contemporary digital era, businesses are harnessing AI and GenAI to automate & enhance operations.  

  • This session explores the key strengths and challenges associated with GenAI technologies in its current form, spotlighting an ROI-centric approach in selection of use cases in Retail & CPG industries.  

  • For tangible insights, we'll delve into a specific use case, highlighting how GenAI is leveraged in building an application currently operational. We'll also address the intricacies of assimilating GenAI within today's complex architectural environments, and how we have been overcoming them through our persistent commitment to learning and adaptation. 

Satyaki De, Sr IT Solution Architect - Nestlé USA
Manas Bhuyan, CDO Advisory - Nestlé USA
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