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Making GenAI Responsibly Fashionable

Dec 06, 2023
Headliners Stage
Headliners Stage

During this session, John Dubois from EY and Damian Fernandez Lamela from Fossil will discuss the potential impact of GenAI on the fashion industry and provide insights on how companies can leverage this technology effectively. They will specifically focus on a fashion accessory GenAI example and discuss how they implemented the solution, while addressing risks associated with intellectual property and privacy. 

To ensure companies can gain the benefits of GenAI without exposing themselves to undue risks, the speakers will provide practical strategies for risk mitigation. Overall, the session aims to equip companies with the knowledge and strategies they need to effectively implement GenAI solutions while managing associated risks. 

John Dubois, Consumer Data & Analytics Leader; EY Americas Customer & Growth Co-leader - Ernst & Young LLP
Damian Fernandez-Lamela, Global VP Data Science & Analytics - Fossil​
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