The AI Summit New York

2023 Agenda


NEOM: How we are reshaping cities with AI, and the play with GenAI

Dec 06, 2023
Room 1A13
Next-Gen Applications Stage
  • Exploring how AI augmented working can reduce millions of workplace deaths, accidents, and illnesses in industries like, logging, oil rig work, metal foundries, electrical line repair, roofing, and chemical factories.
  • Examining how augmented reality opens the capabilities to project digital information over an environment.
  • Discussing how AI powered virtual assistants can rapidly respond to inquiries and provide different, more effective ways to achieve goals, thereby removing the most tedious and predictable tasks from human customer service representatives.
  • Looking into how AI can add value to jobs which human beings lack the time, ability, or mental acuity to do.
Badar Khan, Director of Digital Platforms - Tonomus – NEOM
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