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Incedo: Boost Business IQ with Incedo Lighthouse - your AI-powered Personal Business Analyst [Booth 227]

Dec 07, 2023
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Expo Demo Agenda

Incedo LighthouseTM platform enables executives to identify and solve crucial problems that impact business outcomes, by taking advantage of AI and Generative AI models. This helps them convert the data at scale into actions, as a continuous and automated process. The demo will help business leaders understand how the platform would drive automation for: 

  • Problem Discovery: Surface the most pertinent business problems from data sets automatically every day with KPI tree-based issue decomposition
  • Root Cause Analysis: Identify the segments of customers and the key drivers that are impacting the business KPIs in most significant manner
  • Actions and Experiments: Plan remedial actions for problematic customer segments and evaluate their efficacy through experimentation before full scale implementation
Ashish Gupta, Senior Vice President and Head of Data & AI - Incedo Inc
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