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2023 Agenda


How organizations can invest in advanced cybersecurity and technology capabilities to decrease risk and increase resilience while driving cost efficiency

Dec 07, 2023
Room 1A09
Cybersecurity Forum

It’s no secret that in highly competitive business and challenging economic environments, the demand for organizations to grow and increase revenue and manage costs continues to rise. While meeting the demand and staying current through digitalization and AI, organizations must also be efficient, maintain or reduce costs, and keep employee spending in line.

Organizations are often hesitant to invest in resilience given the costs involved.  However, on the contrary, addressing technology constraints including capacity, system uptime, data quality, and the ability to recover from a technological, physical, or cyber event not only increases resilience but also decreases costs.

Resilient technology is also agile, scalable, and flexible, which allows technology leaders to expand services, meet customer needs, and capture growth opportunities.

Daniel Wallance, Associate Partner - McKinsey & Company
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