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Building a RAG chatbot from scratch with minimum hallucinations

Dec 06, 2023
Room 1A12
Practitioners Stage

We’ll start from the beginning - but go very technical, very fast. By the end of this lecture, you’ll have all the resources you need to start your own RAG chatbot in your company. 

Join me to learn more about:  

  • Why RAGs? And real-world examples of how they can provide value in different industries. 
  • Breaking down the RAG architecture and all relevant concepts (Vector DB, knowledge base, etc.)
  • Comparing different frameworks, such as OpenAI assistants, Langchain, and LlamaIndex.
  • Best practices related to real-time data ingestion from any data source and chunking. 
  • Different methodologies to improve retrieval and minimize hallucinations (re-ranking, knowledge graphs)
  • Add guardrails to significantly minimize hallucinations and avoid other issues such as prompt injection attacks, jailbreaks, PII data leakage, and more risks to your generative AI apps.
Alon Gubkin, CTO and Co-Founder - Aporia
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