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Pangeanic: Better AI with better data annotation management: PECAT live demo [Booth 243]

Dec 06, 2023
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PECAT Tool Showcase: Explore our innovative PECAT tool designed to revolutionize data annotation management for AI systems. 

AI Fine-Tuning: Use PECAT to fine-tune Large Language Models (LLMs) and various AI systems, resulting in improved performance. 

Data Enhancement Hub: PECAT goes beyond data annotation; it centralizes and manages data assets improved by human touch, making it an essential resource for fine-tuning LLMs and any AI system. 

Versatile Functionality: From text data annotation to creating RLHF for Question-Answering systems, PECAT is a comprehensive solution. 

Enhancing Speech Annotation: PECAT helps optimize AI systems through speech annotation. 

Image Data Enrichment: Improve the quality and precision of AI systems with PECAT's capabilities for image data enhancement. 

Efficiency and Precision: PECAT streamlines the process of enhancing data for AI, ensuring efficient, high-quality results. 

Centralized Data Management: PECAT offers a centralized approach to managing and optimizing your data assets, simplifying the enhancement process. 

Your AI Data Partner: PECAT is your trusted partner in harnessing the power of data annotation and enhancement for AI success. 

Manuel Herranz, CEO - Pangeanic
Ignacio Pose, BDM - Pangeanic
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