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2023 Agenda


Perfect Corp: Perfect Corp.'s Beautiful AI: The Game-Changing AI Innovations Changing The Consumer Experience [Booth 300]

Dec 07, 2023
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Expo Demo Agenda
  • Demos to Showcase:
    • AI Live Skin
    • AI Hairstyles
    • Agile Hand- AI virtual try-on stacking jewelry and watch
    • Gen AI fashion


  • Discover Perfect Corp.’s award-winning AI-powered technologies and their real world application and results
  • Learn how AI and GenAI-powered solutions are changing the consumer shopping experience for brands across beauty, skincare, hair, fashion, jewellery, and retail.
  • Access real-time AI skin analysis demos with a chance to see your “skin age” and skin health concerns.
  • Preview AI hair styles and fashion looks powered by GenAI, revealing a new realm of virtual experimentation in the digital world,
  • Access AgileHand technology and the advanced AI solutions for seamless integration of jewellery and accessories for streamlined virtual try-on capabilities
  • Experience demos for virtual makeup try-ons with heightened accuracy for textures and effects.
  • Learn how AI solutions are helping brands solve consumer pain points and creating more personalized shopping experiences.


Wayne Liu, Chief Growth Officer & President of the Americas - Perfect Corp
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