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While all AI models are not created equally, all models need governance

Dec 06, 2023
Room 1A10
AI at Scale Stage

The impact of the speed, scope and scale of interest and adoption of generative AI has grown to unprecedented levels. These models bring enormous potential in increasing productivity and performance through adaptive learning and automation of repetitive, time-consuming tasks. However, they bring new risks and complexities. AI requires governance whether using generative or predictive machine learning models,  

Join this session to learn how to address 3 critical questions when adopting AI: 

  • How does my organization address the new risks associated with generative AI?   

  • How do we better manage AI risk to avoid brand degradation?  

  • How does my organization scale while complying with the growing and changing AI regulations?  

Heather will also delve into IBM’s client zero ethics showing how ethics and governance intersect to drive responsible AI 

Heather Gentile, Director of Product Management  - IBM Data and AI Software
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