The AI Summit New York

2023 Agenda


Accelerating AI using distributed model training at Stitch Fix

Dec 07, 2023
Room 1A12
Practitioners Stage
  • Stitch Fix utilizes a sophisticated multi-tiered recommender system stack, encompassing feature generation, scoring, ranking, and business policy decision-making. This presentation delves into the training architecture of the scoring model, a deep learning model that predicts the likelihood of a user purchasing an item.
  • Give a walkthrough of our journey transitioning from training on a single GPU to multiple GPUs.
  • Highlight the benefit of Distributed Data Parallel (DDP) training methodology.
  • Present empirical results scaling up training from 1 to N GPUs.
  • System design considerations that went into our decision making
Susrutha Gongalla, Principal Machine Learning Engineer - Stitch Fix
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