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Snorkel: Live Demo of Information Extraction with Snorkel Flow [Booth 321]

Dec 07, 2023
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During this express demo of Snorkel Flow, the AI data development platform, you’ll get a brief introduction to programmatic data development and see how Fortune 500 AI/ML teams are fine-tuning LLMs and building high-quality, production-ready, AI 100x faster with Snorkel. 


During the demo, you’ll see how Snorkel Flow: 

  • Accelerates AI development with a fundamentally more scalable approach to building and maintaining high-quality datasets
  • Provides guided error analysis so you can quickly iterate and improve your model by improving your data
  • Enables adapting to real-world changes with a few clicks
  • Can be used to distill LLM knowledge into a smaller, efficient model or to fine-tune an existing foundation model like GPT-3.5 or Llama 2


Plus, everyone who joins the demo will go home with a free pair of our fan-favorite Dr. Bubbles socks!

Thomas Walsh, Machine Learning Solutions Engineer - Snorkel AI
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