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2023 Agenda


Strategies to recruit and retain a balanced team of AI talent

Dec 07, 2023
Room 1A12
Practitioners Stage
  • A consideration of recruiting the right mix of skills as part of the organization’s digital transformation objectives. The right blend of skills should include people who can build infrastructures, manage data governance, and those who engage with business. This would minimize paying premium prices for cutting-edge data scientists without considering the broader mix of skills needed
  • Understanding the need to recruit AI talent with a faster process compared to recruiting for other fields
  • Highlighting the importance of offering reskilling opportunities to existing employees and understanding the importance of the business sending the message that anyone with the right skill sets, and a desire to learn, can play an integral role in the AI transformation. This will in turn strengthen job satisfaction and loyalty within the organization
  • Recognizing the importance of articulating a clear career path for AI talent recruited externally
  • Keeping AI talent through engagement by creating a process that provides ample opportunities for new AI hires to work on meaningful, “quick hit” projects that have an immediate impact on the business.
  • Evaluating how non tech companies can attract AI talent when recruiting by highlighting non-tech related differentiators that will entice AI hires
  • Exploring the advantages in creating a community and embedding onboarded AI employees into the organization under AI-trained leaders
Dr. Raul Villamarin Rodriguez, Vice President - Woxsen University'
Aladdin Shamoug, Chief Data Scientist, BTAD - United Nations
Noah Ringler, AI Policy Adviser - Department of Homeland Security
Alex Feibleman, Independent (Former Product Manager at Square) - Independent
Namratha Sathish, Data Scientist - CVS Health
Alon Bochman, Head of AI - FactSet
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