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Productionizing Enterprise GenAI with AI Data Development

Dec 07, 2023
Headliners Stage
Headliners Stage

We’ve all heard some form of ‘your data is your differentiator’ but in the world of off-the-shelf Generative AI models, where does your data drive the most value? All of us who have worked with AI for sometime are used to the mindset that data is most important in building a model. Now you can just grab a model pre-trained by OpenAI, Google, Hugging Face etc and start generating predictions. And these predictions can be large chunks of generated content! Where does my data actually add value in this new world? With Generative AI your unique data is just as important (if not more) than traditional AI but in different ways. Join me to learn where your data can be used and how it should be prepared, managed, and applied.

Vincent Chen, Director of Product - Snorkel AI
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