The AI Summit New York

2023 Agenda


Unlocking the Power of Causal Inference: Going Beyond AI to optimize decisions

Dec 06, 2023
Room 1A12
Practitioners Stage
  • Bridging the Gap: Explore the limitations of traditional predictive machine learning in addressing vital business questions such as comparing the impact of investments, cost-efficient strategies, and customer experience optimization.
  • The Causal Advantage: Discuss the limitations of current AI implementations to investigate counterfactual "what if" questions, and how to do this leveraging only observational data, when conducting experiments is impractical, costly or impossible.
  • Actionable Insights: Using causal inference to not only understand what is happening and why, but more importantly, how to take action.
  • Industry Applications: Will cover case studies in industry that demonstrate how causal inference helped to empower the business by uncovering cause-and-effect relationships in complex systems that predictive analytics could not.
Dorian Goldman, Technical Lead & Staff Applied Scientist - Lyft
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