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KeepFlying® is transforming the $170B Aviation Asset Management and Maintenance Industry by accelerating processes that allow Airlines, MROs and Lessors to interpret Airworthiness & Maintenance data to take smarter, quicker commercial decisions.


This is critical for the Aviation ecosystem where:

  • Airlines globally are expected to make a net profit of 1.9% by the end of 2023
  • Maintenance facilities continue to experience slot profitability in the lower single digit %
  • Investors have seen ROIC lesser than WACC
  • Data still continues to move in unstructured formats (and a lot of paper) between Airlines, MROs, Lessors and the Supply Chain vendors 


KeepFlying® has built a Digital Financial Twin (FinTwin®) that allows the Aviation Ecosystem to interpret complex Airworthiness and Maintenance Datasets faster, exchange information within themselves using data pipeline configured to Air Transport Association (ATA) eBusiness standards by developing and deploying Large Language Models across Aircraft and Engine types that accelerate this process. 


The platform has helped:

  • Airlines save an average of US$800k in additional costs incurred as part of a Narrow Body Aircraft redelivery (almost 2x for a Wide Body Aircraft)
  • Engine MROs recognize avenues to gain US$250k in bottom line per Engine Overhaul
  • Lessors to save over US$50k per Engine Pre-Purchase Inspection (almost 2.5x for an Aircraft) and Due Diligence
  • Reduce Inventory Holding & Carry Over costs by 30% and reduction of AOG Procurement costs by over 25%
  • Asset Owners extend Remaining Useful Lives of modules and components by 15% to assist greener initiatives in Production and Maintenance



KeepFlying® delivers this through its GenAI models trained on Aircraft & Engine data sets with potential to expand the models to manage Drones, UAVs and eVTOLS in the short to medium term.



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