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Shakudo is an operating system for data and AI stacks. It’s a managed platform that makes it easy for you to set up and run a customized, scalable data stack to quickly achieve your data and AI goals — from creating an internal LLM chatbot with a vector database to building geospatial applications that interact with external data sources, and much more. 

Shakudo is the glue that holds the stack together. We integrate with over 116 open source and commercial stack components, and continually add more to the platform — data, AI, and ML tools, as well as data sources — so you can use the best, most advanced tools available while avoiding vendor lock-in. Shakudo keeps your data secure in your private infrastructure, so your data and code are never accessible to Shakudo or any third parties. The platform creates immediate compatibility across your tools and infrastructure, so you don’t have to rely on internal DevOps teams to manage data infrastructure, or spend unnecessary time doing it yourself. Our automated DevOps environment makes it simple to manage cloud spend and add new tools to the stack as business needs evolve. Shakudo provides a stable, unified stack environment and a single pane UI where you can develop code collaboratively with teammates, and ship products with confidence.


312 Adelaide St W
M5V 1R2
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