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Top 5 Stats from the Women in AI Report

Top 5 Stats from the Women in AI Report

“Accelerating Gender Equality in Data, Analytics and AI” jointly produced by Omdia, AI Business and the Women in AI organization, explores the current landscape of women in AI, the importance of achieving gender equity in AI, and suggested moves toward closing the gender gap. 

The survey and report are based on responses from CEOs, business leaders and founders in AI, with 50% of the respondents being women, and a over a quarter of those having been in their roles for over 10 years. All respondents are currently working in the field of AI.

  1. Women make up one-third of the global AI workforce and companies are taking steps to ensure gender equity in their departments; 45% of female respondents felt that they played a pivotal role in reducing bias in AI solutions.
  2. Research shows that companies with equitable diversity (e.g., 50:50 men and women) on their boards and in their C-suites report on average 10% better financial performance than those that don’t have it. Only 4% of respondents said that their organizations had achieved 50:50 equity in employment between men and women.
  3. 37% of technology startups have women on their board of directors.
  4. Recruiting tools remain bias, 61% said that their companies were yet to improve performance reviews.
  5. 57% of survey respondents indicated that their organizations have made or are taking steps to achieve gender diversity, and 52% responding that diversity is an organizational priority. 69% of both male and female respondents felt that a more equitable workplace correlated with an improved workplace culture.

As technology continues to advance, it's essential to strive for equitable strategies in data, analytics and AI so that men and women are equally represented. To gain deeper insights into these findings, access “Accelerating Gender Equality in Data, Analytics and AI”.


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