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Denise Bowen

Denise Bowen

Chief Executive Officer, DB Connect

Denise Bowen spearheads DB Connect, a transformative start-up that empowers socially conscious entrepreneurs to catalyze positive change. Concurrently, she stands as a dedicated Committee Member within the United Nations' Universal Health Coverage and Cybercrime division, strategically advancing global progress. With a pivotal role in overseeing brand strategy for FreeWill, the largest U.S. estate planning firm, Denise has played an instrumental role in its remarkable impact. FreeWill, a social-good enterprise at the intersection of philanthropy and estate planning, has catalyzed the creation of an astounding 720,000 estate plans, channeling an awe-inspiring $7.2 billion towards impactful causes.  


Denise's role on Emblem Health’s Advisory Council exemplifies her profound and varied dedication. Her  engagement as a mentor in esteemed programs like Techstars, the Verizon Small Business Digital Ready  Program, Black Girls in Cyber, and WomenTech Network, alongside her roles as an ambassador and AI  Copilot judge for Women In Cloud Network, a judge for Pharrell Williams’ Black Ambition, as well as a  member of the ForbesBLK Local Advisory Council, highlights her exceptional capacity to blend  communication, business, entertainment, education, AI, and technology within her innovative framework.  Through these diverse endeavors, Denise consistently champions advancement, innovation, and empowerment across a spectrum of domains. 


At the heart of DB Connect's mission lies Denise's unwavering commitment to fostering the growth and influence of socially conscious entrepreneurs. She serves as a guiding force, offering invaluable strategic guidance, access to resources, and crucial connections. Denise's exceptional achievements, underscored by prestigious recognitions such as Latin Honors and the University Honors Scholars award (New York University Founders' Day Award), stand as testaments to her remarkable contributions and unwavering dedication.

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