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Jason Chicola

Jason Chicola

Founder & CEO, REV
United States

Jason Chicola, a gig economy pioneer turned voice AI entrepreneur, is the Founder and CEO of Rev. His mission is to improve the way millions of people around the world understand the human voice by making Rev’s best-in-class ASR accessible to all. 

Jason's AI journey is rooted in a decade-long passion for building the best online audio transcription marketplace, driven by a commitment to boost productivity through AI. This passion resulted in a global community of 70,000+ skilled transcribers, a unique resource harnessed by Rev to train its AI, ensuring unmatched precision in its hybrid AI + Human voice solutions.

Throughout his career, Jason has dedicated himself to enriching the freelance work experience. This includes co-founding Upwork in 2004, serving on the boards of freelance marketplaces like Graphite and Aspen RxHealth, and investing in numerous freelance platforms.

He firmly believes that the best AI will not only enhance daily productivity but also generate new career opportunities and make the human voice more accessible to the global community.


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