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Maksym Bolotov

Maksym Bolotov

VP of Innovation Strategy, Subvrsive

Max Bolotov is a story-driven executive with over 20 years of marketing experience. Currently, he works at Subvrsive - an innovation studio part of WPP where he works on integrating emerging technology in a practical way across the globe. As their VP of Innovation Strategy, he focuses on helping connect user insights with emerging technologies to deliver truly innovative campaigns for their clients. He constantly pushes interactive storytelling to its limit while producing Award-winning content for brands as diverse as The Coca-Cola Company, Amazon, Netflix, Disney, The Met, and The New York Times. Exceeding 150 notably produced immersive projects to date.



With a decade of experience, Max is a well-established figure in the immersive storytelling space. Prior to delving into spatial content, he worked on empathy-driven VR projects for non-profits and Fortune 500 brands. Max, an early metaverse pioneer and avid gamer, draws inspiration from its gaming roots. He firmly believes in technology's profound impact on human experiences and enthusiastically discusses the fusion of physical and digital worlds.


Max was born in Ukraine and raised with the belief that anything is possible. With this driving force behind him, he has always led with confidence and a hustler mentality, a trait common among immigrants, which is reflected in his professional growth. In 2015, he started an XR company with a partner, taking a big gamble on an industry that is projected to be worth $52 billion by 2027. With 10 years of experience building the next era of human/machine interaction, Max is uniquely positioned to offer valuable insights into this field.


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