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Pamela Gupta

Pamela Gupta

CEO, Trusted AI
United States
Pamela Gupta is CEO of Trusted AI, an expert in Trustworthy AI and Risk Management. In a 25 year career trajectorty in leading global companies she has fused the principles of holisditc risk and trustworthy program development with strategies that drive tangible business value and spearhead industry innovation. A leading voice in Data Strategy, CyberSecurity, Privacy, and Governance, Ms. Gupta's contributions extend to the global stage where she actively speaks on topics including digital trust, security and Trusted AI. She is helping companies in harmonizing responsible AI principles with dynamic business strategies. She holds a Master's degree in Artificial Intelligence and has completed MIT's 'Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy" program', and AI Ethics from Stanford Continuing education. A standout achievement in Ms. Gupta's career is the creation of the AI TIPS framework. This groundbreaking model operationalizes governance in building Trustworthy AI systems from the ground up, focusing on key principles: Artificial Intelligence Transparency, Integrity, Privacy, and Security. Her framework has been a guiding light for organizations striving to achieve the ideal balance between innovation and ethics in AI. A significant mark of Ms Gupta's expertise is the establishment of the "Trusted AI Center of Excellence," which serves as a touchstone for organizations seeking to integrate Trustworthy and ethical AI practices while driving business growth. As co-chair of the Trustworthy AI Summit and a dedicated mentor, Ms Gupta continues to shape discussions on AI's future, both in business innovation and ethical implications.

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