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Prithvi Thomas

Prithvi Thomas

Director of Software & Head of India Engineering Ops, Skydio

Prithvi Thomas serves as the Director of Software Engineering at Skydio, a leading company in the autonomous drone industry. In his pivotal role, Prithvi plays an instrumental part in steering various critical domains within the organization.


Embedded Software

Prithvi oversees the development of embedded software, a vital component of Skydio’s latest innovation – the X10 drone platform. Recognized as one of the most advanced autonomous drone platforms globally, the X10 boasts a revolutionary camera system, a state-of-the-art FLIR Boson+ Sensor, capabilities for night autonomy, and an IP55 rating, ensuring its versatility across numerous enterprise applications. Furthermore, the X10 stands out as an open modular platform, offering extensibility through various attachments. Prithvi’s team is central to this innovation, taking charge of middleware, firmware for attachments, communication, integration, and hardware in the loop infrastructure, ensuring seamless operation and integration across the platform.


Manufacturing Software

Under Prithvi’s leadership, the Manufacturing Software team embodies Skydio’s innovative spirit. The team is responsible for building not just the drones themselves but also the intricate machinery that manufactures them. Prithvi’s team navigates through the entire software stack, encompassing cloud/backend, frontend, and embedded systems, showcasing their versatility and technical prowess.


Head of India Engineering Operations

In addition to his responsibilities at Skydio’s headquarters, Prithvi has played a crucial role in establishing and leading the engineering operations in India. He has been instrumental in building the team from the ground up, attracting top-tier talent, setting strategic roadmaps, and ensuring the timely execution and delivery of features to customers.


Prithvi’s multifaceted role at Skydio underscores his vast expertise and his commitment to driving innovation in the autonomous drone industry, making him a key player in Skydio's ongoing success


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