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Do we really know what problems we are trying to solve with AI?

In the dynamic landscape of technology adoption, organizations find themselves at a crossroads, recognizing the inevitability of integrating AI while grappling with the challenge of justifying its application. The pivotal questions emerge: What specific problems are we aiming to address with AI, and what genuine needs drive its implementation? 

Speakers: Raff Ripoll, Forbes Council Member, Forbes, Sowmya Gottipati, Vice President, Global Supply Chain Technology - The Estée Lauder Companies, Brian Dummann, Chief Data Officer and Vice President of Technology Innovation & Architecture - AstraZeneca, Karamjit Singh, Director, Artificial Intelligence - Mastercard, Srini Kandala, Head of AI, Technology and Online Business - SEARS

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Better Together: How a Blend of Generative and Specialized AI is Creating a New Frontier with High-Speed, High-Precision Business Process Automation

In an era where Generative and Specialized AI are rapidly transforming business automation, our exploration focuses on leveraging Large Language Models for Intelligent Document Processing, harnessing Active Learning for precise business-specific models, and emphasizing the indispensable role of Human in the Loop (HITL) for accuracy and trust in AI.

Speaker: Luke Palamara, VP, AI Product Management - UiPath

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Adapting your company to fast-moving technology

Discover the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in enterprise ecosystems by understanding its implications and navigating the regulatory landscape.  Additionally, explore the application of historical security measures to safeguard against the evolving technological landscape, ensuring the secure integration of AI into your company's operations.

Speakers: Carlos J. De Oliveira, Director, Senior Principal - BNY Mellon, Jessica Peretta, Senior Vice President, Network Behavior Management - Mastercard, and Rashida Richardson, Senior Counsel, Privacy and Data Protection, Artificial Intelligence - Mastercard

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