The AI Summit New York

Exhibitor Co-Marketing

Maximise your AI Summit experience and investment

We’re excited that you will be participating as an exhibitor at The AI Summit New York this December, and we’re keen to ensure that your company has the best possible experience.

To make sure this happens we have developed an extensive program of support for Exhibitors to amplify their presence.

  • Build new relationships with prospective clients
  • Strengthen relations with your existing clients
  • Get the people you want in front of your brand and build connections in a way that is difficult to achieve through other channels
Maximise your AI Summit experience and investment

What’s included in the Co-Marketing Program?

Discount Promo Code

Your discount code is unique to your company and allows your invitees 30% off the full ticket price of $1,999!

Be sure to include your discount code in all your promotional items. This way you ensure your community can easily take advantage of this exclusive discount to join you at The AI Summit New York.

Your unique discount code will be emailed to your company’s primary contact.

NY ticket


Co Marketing Event PDF

Event PDF

Easily share your exclusive co-marketing 30% discount with your customers/prospects through a personalised Event PDF.

The PDF can be customized with your:

  • Company logo
  • Booth Number
  • Unique Discount code

Please get in touch with to receive your personalized PDF.


Customized Co-Branded Landing Page

This landing page is customized with your:

  • Company Logo
  • Discount code to SAVE 30% on the All Access pass.
  • Your landing page can be further customized to include your company description, Sales team contact information, and what you'll be doing or showcasing at The AI Summit New York.

This can be found on feathr. (If you don't have access to Feathr please email our dedicated Co-Marketing contact Dee Saniukaite.)

Co Marketing Landing Page


banner ads

AI Summit New York Branded Banner Ads

Download ready-to-use banner ads for your website or email signature. Link the banner to the AI Summit New York site and provide your discount code, this way your community can leverage the exclusive 30% off discount offer you are providing.

Banner Ads are ready to go and feature your:

  • logo
  • booth number
  • discount code

This can be found within your Feathr.  (If you don't have access to Feathr please email our dedicated Co-Marketing contact Dee Saniukaite.)

Reward Opportunities

The exhibitor who brings the most All Access conference attendees to The AI Summit New York will win an Experts in AI Interview usually worth $3,000, as well as a personal prize valued at $150. 

There are also smaller personal prizes available for those in the top three of Exhibitors. Please note that all personal prizes will be announced at the event, and the Experts in AI Interview will be announced November 30 to allow the winner time to prepare. 

There are two other types of rewards for participating in the Exhibitor Co-Marketing programme. These rewards may both be claimed by contacting your dedicated Co-Marketing contact Dee Saniukaite with details of your action, and we will then ensure your reward is organised with our team.

Action Rewards

Send a HTML email about your Event involvement.

We will provide an email feature, 2 additional passes to The Summit, and a social feature

Place banner ad on your website or event page with your promo code and link to The AI Summit New York.

We will provide a social feature


Exhibitor Portal

The Exhibitor Portal provides access to everything you need to make the most of exhibiting at The AI Summit New York. 

This includes: 

  • Co-Marketing Codes and URL
  • Logistical/planning to-do’s and sponsorship deliverables
  • Register and review your booth staff and Comp Pass Codes
  • Submit your Online Profile & Product Information
  • Download Exhibitor Services and Forms and more


Exhibitor Portal

Co-Marketing Questions and Help

If you have any questions, need additional materials, or would like to learn more about how to promote your presence, just contact our dedicated Co-Marketing contact Dee Saniukaite.

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